From experience to consulting

Against the background of professional experience since 1985 in public administration, in planning offices, in industry as well as at universities and colleges, a wealth of knowledge has been acquired. In addition to planning and implementation knowledge, it also includes a comprehensive overview of the interrelationships and responsibilities in the water sector.

Topics are:

  • Sustainability
  • Rainwater management and heavy rainfall prevention
  • Greywater recycling
  • Sponge cities
  • Blue-green infrastructures

Our advice starts with your initial idea for a sustainable building project in order to implement the urgently needed holistic approach.

It includes the following services:

Proposals for necessary specialist planning

  • Legal conditions
  • Technological processes
  • Suitable products
  • Advice on the planning and implementation of construction projects



Consultations abroad (selection)

  • Participation in the International Symposium on Urban Ecology, Moscow (invitation by the Senate of Berlin), collaboration in the development of the “Local Agenda Moscow”, 1997.
  • Participation in the competition for the “Kutusowski- Prospekt” in Moscow, 1995.
  • Cooperation meeting with the University of Plovdiv/ Bulgaria together with the IASP/ Humboldt University Berlin, 2005.
  • Abu Dhabi: Project development for “Emirates gate”, 2010.
  • Ecological design for the Khe – may- lake in Dong Ha, Vietnam, 2017.
  • Rainwater management , lectures and Consulting at Chamber of Architects, Maharashtra, 2019, 2020.