Selection of further projects

  • Landscape planning report “Front gardens in Prenzlauer Berg”, District Office Prenzlauer Berg of Berlin
  • EU model project “Green innovation – model courtyard greening with advice center”, Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg
  • Marina Zerpenschleuse; overall planning with water management
  • Dong Xuan-Center Berlin-Lichtenberg; rainwater management
  • Biogas plant Zobes, Vogtland; planning of outdoor facilities, machine hall, rainwater management
  • Residential complex Friedrichstraße 245 / 246, Wilhelmstr. 2-6, renovation of buildings and outdoor facilities, rainwater management (investor project)
  • Evangelical Hospital Spandau, outdoor facilities design and integrated rainwater management, gardens for patients with dementia
  • Improvement of living environment with rainwater management Schwerin/ Mueßer Holz;
  • Rainwater management BSR-Hof Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, integration into outdoor facilities
  • Spandauer Arcaden” shopping center; rainwater management
  • Gehe, Berlin-Marzahn; rainwater management
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